Stewards wrap: leading breeder to face export inquiry


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LEADING owner and breeder Paul Wheeler is one of four greyhound racing participants who has been charged as part of the ongoing Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) inquiry into the unauthorised exports of greyhounds to China and Macau. Wheeler as well as fellow participants Danny Li, Wei Shen and Yiwen Xi will face charges in relation…


So Mr Wheeler who in 2016 said of the ban “It is very disappointing that a very small percentage of people have done the wrong thing, yet the government are punishing everyone", is found to be one of that small percentage who has done the wrong thing. Is anyone surprised?


Is that all you got badapple?


No surprises here. Dogs in Macau watch other dogs being stabbed, killed with hammers, thrown over the shoulder repeatedly until their necks break or they die an agonising death being beaten. This is happening to Australian dogs - how did they get there? Ethical trainers and owners are best placed to help stop this, but how many will put their hands up and support the inquiry? It’s always money, money money - blood money, in fact.


Strange that the dogs names or the date of exporting is being kept secret. You will probably find that the dogs were retired and exported as stud dogs.


If you read the GRNSW release in mentions an ongoing enquiry from months ago, not that these dogs went there.

It makes the statement that 9 dogs were exported to China. Allegedly!


I would never send a greyhound overseas but I think you will find this is how all dogs are treated in countries where they are viewed as food. Sadly a country with few welfare laws regarding any type of dogs. The greyhound authorities banned their export quite some time ago and are now following up on one alleged incident. Your suggestion that no one will support their efforts is hysterical and ill informed.
If you are a registered greyhound owner or trainer and you are asked to appear you have no choice. Do you have any evidence that anyone has refused to co operate?


Come clean Julia Ditterich.
Is your real name Fred Barton by any chance?


Fred has a few disciples in the cult- older housewives who have nothing to do now the kids have grown up and left home, young idealistic twenty year old green voters and the odd male loner with no friends. "Rent a crowd animal lovers " of course -lol- people haters would be more appropriate. All just love that emotion and drama - never any facts.


It’s the tall poppy syndrome Deborah. Love them or hate them the Wheeler family are and have been icons of greyhound racing in Australia for around 70 years. Attacks on the Wheeler’s is an attack on us all.

Any sensible self respecting person would treat these antis like Fred and Julia as inferior rabble with the disdain they have brought upon themselves.
They should be ignored and we should move on, the future still excites me.