'Rescue' group turns down potential adopter for supporting racing


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Global greyhound racing news. A UK greyhound re-homing organisation has come under fire from the public and greyhound racing participants after denying someone the opportunity to adopt a retired racer, based on their views of the industry. A London man, known only as Richard, tweeted a response he received from the Kent Greyhound Rescue on…


What’s with all the “rescue” in passive aggressive " " ?

They are a real rescue who also have a strong (quite rightly) anti racing stance.

If they want to find loving, ethical homes who don’t support the deadly greyhound racing industry- homes where they won’t enjoy watching/betting on the races which kill over 400 dogs a year at the track alone- then good on them.

Also why should they jeopardize their successful rescue operation by alienating their volunteers, fosterers, fundraisers and donors who share their views.

Total non story from one disgruntled entitled man who didn’t like being politely turned away


More lies from the antis and caged northwest shocking some one who supports greyhound racing can not take the dog all UK pro racers are on to this on our groups


Why would any decent rescue trust someone who supports an industry that kills thousands of dogs every year, to adopt one of their dogs that has just almost lost his/her life! Greyhounds often come from a licensed greyhound track and fall into hands that race them again, but on an unregulated track, which is even worst with many of these dogs ending up in bin bags. Therefore ANY responsible rescue would safeguard the dogs future by sending them to a responsible home that can be trusted 100% not to race them again.


Cages Northwest? Did you even read the article? It’s centres around an organisation called Kent Greyhound Rescue.


I can’t believe what I just read,is this for real? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the antis favourite lament,’ rescues are bursting at the seams with greyhounds used and discarded by the racing industry’?? If that’s the case,then why would you turn someone down simply because they had a passing interest in greyhound racing? They have deprived a dog of a potentially good home,just because of their agenda and personal opinion. Just because you have an interest in racing,be it horse or greyhound,does that mean you’re not fit to own a dog? Wow, idiots, selfish ****dy idiots! I knew that there was such a thing as ‘racism’ but now it looks like we have something equally as distasteful called ‘raceism’.


Rita- no one would go and get an old or abandoned dog from a rescue group and then race it on an unlicensed track ( just where are they located- could you be more specific and name some or perhaps you could ring the authorities about them - if they exist) - and the reason is - they would have no chance of winning a race.
Why would anyone go to a rescue place where you do actually have to pay for the dog when if they wanted to race an old or not so good one - they could go down to any track and ask and they would be inundated with offers of free ones. If dogs have been abandoned or sent to a shelter or rescue group they would have absolutely no chance of winning a race otherwise they would not be there.
Talk about conspiracy theories.


Deborah… I have been resisting the temptation to comment on this topic because it’s impossible to convert a brainwashed Marxist failed university student who knows nothing about that of which they speak. Did i mention stupid and dare i say it boring because for years i have believed that only boring people get bored… maybe it is me they’re driving me to distraction.
I should pick another topic.


I know how you feel Jett but sometimes you just cannot let such ignorance go and sadly some of these activists whilst lacking in common sense are very persistent - I feel it is my duty to educate them at least to some degree and I am not prepared to let people who have no understanding of the industry demonise the good people I know and have known for a very long time.
I can remember - a long time ago - when the activists were considered harmless nutters - of course we now know they are far more dangerous than that and they need to be taken to task- for far too long they have sprouted rubbish without being held to account.


I was turned down from a local rescue because they didn’t like the fact that I raw feed my dogs. I didn’t get all butt hurt and cry about it. It’s actually a good thing I was turned down, because a few months later I got a neglected dog from a previous owner. (skinny, matted hair, depressed)

I don’t know why people feel like they are entitled to have pets. It’s a privilege, not a right. The rescue group turned me down to adopt one of THEIR dogs. They had every right to do so, just like this rescue group had every right to turn that guy down. Sorry, the world does not revolve around what you want. Please get over yourself.


Dogs need food, a bit of exercise, a place to rest and to be treated decently. They do not care if the blanket they lie on is a cheap one or an expensive one- they don’t care if their owner is fat or not very beautiful or clever as long as they are good to them.
Some of these rescue groups are getting a bit precious - given the thousands of dogs requiring homes surely anyone who is decent deserves a go.
The RSPCA do house inspections- seriously does a dog care whether it is a caravan with a good person and old rug, a pat and a walk. What they need Laura Ashley bedrooms do they and people with the right political views? I don’t think so.


PS this was a reply to Whateverbro .


Your local rescuer turned you down because you feed your dogs raw meat???
Why didn’t you report them for animal cruelty or is your political agenda more important?
You people really are a bunch of misguided fools and i think the public have woken up.


Why would I report the shelter for animal cruelty? That makes zero sense. Or do you mean the previous owner? Well, in that case the dog wasn’t eating because they were leaving dog food out for her 24/7 but also gave her table scraps. So she wouldn’t eat the dog food and was skinny (NOT STARVING) because she was stubborn and would hold out for scraps. Plus, what good would calling animal control do? They would just tell the owner to take better care of their dog and maybe give them a warning. It was easier if I just took her…they offered her to me for free, because they knew she needed a better home. shrug What is your deal? Would you screech for animal control over something like that? And why are you so freaked out over ONE dude being denied a dog? It happens all the time. Like I said, people need to get over themselves and stop acting privileged.