QRIC test 80 greyhounds; search cars at Albion Park operation


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THE Queensland Racing Integrity Commission launched an operation at Sunday’s Albion Park greyhound meeting to target the alleged use of performance enhancing stimulants. QRIC released a statement on Monday afternoon detailing that the operation was in response to intelligence received about the use of amphetamine-type stimulants by a small number of greyhound racing participants and…


Well done QRIC but i won’t start cheering until it becomes standard procedure at random meetings in every state.


It would be interesting to hear where the "intelligence " came from.
It would also be interesting if random blanket testing were to be conducted on other racing codes,otherwise this endeavour may end up being seen as a stunt.
Swab results now need to be made public, whether it is the outcome the board is looking for or not.


Trevor…the results are public in Vic.