QGBOTA boss says merging codes was QLD greys' biggest mistake

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STEVE Lennon says the significant problems facing Queensland greyhound racing can all be traced back to when the code combined with the thoroughbred and harness racing industries. The three codes merged in July 2010 with the hope that an amalgamated controlling body would be a more effective way to administer racing in the sunshine state.…

The only way to encourage breeders is to cut costs, it’s too expensive.
The stud fee and vet fees should be the only costs to breeders. Registration fees naming fees, DNA verification and everything required by the industry should be bourn by the industry.
The backbone of greyhound racing are the pensioners and hobby trainers. they can no longer even consider breeding a litter.

QGBOTA will not take a backward step and we all should get behind them forget the previous Clown that wanted a $250 per pup registration fee, he’s long gone and good riddance.