Participant blames RQ for council’s discrimination against greyhounds

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PIC: Box 1 Photography. A QUEENSLAND trainer has slammed Racing Queensland for its lack of support as more and more participants feel the pinch from councils which are cracking down on the licensing of greyhounds and properties in the state. Last month Australian Racing Greyhound reported that the Lockyer Valley Regional Council had commenced an…

I don’t know if this will help but most councils including Lockyer have a “self assessable” class 10 building work provision that doesn’t need a building application.
The catch is the size of the building, no more than 10 square mtrs by 2.4 mtrs high or less. If you reduce the height of the kennels that should solve that issue. I imagine on 20 acres you could have more than one class 10 buildings.

Gee, what a surprise. A racing body not standing up for the participants that keep them employed.

Racing Queensland’s header page on its website states it is "a platform to service the racing industry ".
Seems it can’t service itself at the moment. Quite an oversight to have 1/3 of its racing product not classified as racing stock.Also problems evolving with horses and trotters.To top it off,the CEO has just resigned.
Like NSW,Queensland has been on a racing overhaul.Some very smart people have been brought into the top positions with skills in law,finance and management. The one skill they lack is knowledge and experience of the industry itself.
This is causing trial and error policies to be implemented.
Sooner or later they may run out of ideas and actually consult with the owners and trainers. One can only hope.