NZ trainers slam new policy seeking to ban squeakers

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Some big changes are set to effect NZ greyhound racing. PIC: Dave Robbie. NEW Zealand trainers are urging Greyhound Racing NZ (GRNZ) to review its latest policy change which prevent participants from using squeakers to train their greyhounds. GRNZ announced the latest rule and policy changes in December which are set to come into effect…

Most canine trainers would advise against tug of war type toys as they promote attack skills in the dog against the person on the other end of the rope.
Those in charge of greyhound racing policy are falling into the same trap as numerous other animal industries, pandering to the whims of activists.


Greg Kerr has clearly identified himself as an infiltrator for the animal activists. If i were a betting man i would wager he has a lot more support within GRNZ.
Time to drain the swamp!.. COME ON NZ…

Now seems that this ludicrous policy will be recinded before the February deadline.
Greens take notice -common sense will prevail.

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The greens and their followers keep on making fools of themselves…
Orange taught them nothing…Probably never heard of it in NZ.

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