NSW's leading trainers slam tracks, call for immediate action


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NSW trainers say the current track issues are unacceptable. PIC: Steve Whalland Race Images 0415 146 721. LEADING trainer Jason Mackay is calling for Greyhound Racing NSW’s Track Maintenance Manager Bill Wilson to stand down or be sacked after Gosford and Wentworth Park both lost another meeting over the past week. The Gosford meeting was…


Simple, bring back Cessnock Problems Solved, Rain Hail or Shine they will always race History has proven that !


Absolutely agree Bob, the safest track in the country since 1926 and still is.
However this is 2018 surely there is a suitable synthetic surface to solve all issues.
They already have a green carpet in front of all the starting boxes that handles the traffic. Whats wrong with that?

PS. Probably too expensive.
Some of the greyhounds are worth over $1,000,000 to their owners but not to the paper shufflers.
Go figure.


Is this the same Jason Mackay, Mark Gatt, and Dean Swain who’ve been fined for using prohibited substances on their hounds and the same Robert Smith who was implicated in the live baiting controversy? If so, do I feel any sympathy for them? Ah… that would be a no!


Nobody is after your sympathy badapple.
The track issues effects us all not just a few.
The greyhound industry is here to stay badapple, try lobbying for safer tracks to save the greyhounds.


You would think that given the dramas of the last two years that creating the safest possible racing environment would be the number one priority.
Obviously not.


Track issues affects you all. Doesn’t doping and live baiting affect you all as well? Why are these people allowed to stay in the industry? Three strikes sounds like a good idea to me.


We agree again badapple, unbelievable!
It may happen sometime in the future but the tracks are the most pressing issue at the moment.


Why would you think these people are looking for your sympathy badapple?
Talk about tickets on yourself. You lost, animal activists are on the nose, exposed for what they are- people with a political agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of animals- either collecting donations for their own personal lifestyle or benefit, trouble makers or control freaks- move on. Find a hobby- why don’t you get a greyhound?


Debby - Did I say that I think these people are looking for my sympathy? No! - so please don’t put words in my mouth. Thanks for your sage advice, but I have enough hobbies to be going on with. I also have enough greyhounds (probably more than you do) and am not looking to get any more any time soon.- thanks anyway!


Maybe GRNSW needs to look at how they are developing and implementing the vast array of policies that have being initiated since the Baird experiment.
To totally refuse to access the wealth of knowledge that exists inside the industry could be an issue in the near future.


So now we have to listen to a bunch of cheating greyhound trainers.
They should have no rights at all. They have infiltrated the system and have even managed to get their vets to support their cheating ways

Whilst I have dogs and race them drug free - this sport needs to get rid of the vermin within and these drug cheats and live bait cheats need to be shown the door as well as any officials that support them

I love watching our dogs win drug free against these dirty cheats
Mackay, Finn, smith, Swain bell and co - should have their licences revoked for good
Just like lance Armstrong - why the hell does the industry idolise these guys
Take their dogs away from them and take their livelihood away - let them go and get a job

When Finn was I injecting their dogs with EPO - the dogs weren’t given a choice
Why were the police not involved - last time I checked it was illegal to even have possession of epo

What about Mackay - 4 cheating dogs and he pleads guilty - he even ropes his Vet in to supppet him

  • the vet should have sunk him and had a good look at himself

Until we clean this up - who cares about the tracks
These trainers say that they worry about their dogs - yet they poison them to win the dollar


If you are going to slander someone please use your real name for the writ…!!!