GRNSW board member Michael Eberand resigns by Facebook

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Michael Eberand with Ebby Ripper. PIC Paul Munt.Embattled GRNSW board member has taken to Facebook to announce his resignation from the GRNSW Board in the wake of the Wandering Mija export investigation. Eberand was among four charged over the export of Wandering Mija to Dubai. Contrary to many media reports, it is not illegal to…

Not illegal to export a greyhound to Dubai, but IS contrary to the rules of the industry he works for. If the industry can’t get itself property clean, (not just seen to be clean by obfuscating and covering up) - it’s doomed.

OOPS!Does anyone know where you can do a crash course in international diplomacy.

What rubbish. The rules need to change. The dog is living a life of luxury in Dubai. Not China, nor Vietnam where there are welfare concerns.
The more dogs that find loving homes after racing the better and all avenues should be open for that to occur.