Greyhound racing to be banned in ACT from the end of June 2018

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THE ACT government has announced plans to outlaw greyhound racing in the territory by June 30, 2018 after the release of an independent report by Mary Durkin. Titled the Greyhound Racing Industry Transition Options Analysis, the report was released on Friday morning in conjunction with Attorney General Gordon Ramsay’s announcement. Ramsay said that greyhound racing…

Gordon could get a job at the NAB but what about Mary?

Allegedly- Poor old Mary found her previous job as the Health Services Commissioner just so stressful she just decided to ignore all the complaints she received and failed to act on any of them. Didn’t resign or take leave or anything like that just shut up shop while still collecting her very generous tax payer funded salary.
Just another grubby little deal with the mouldy greens - this time with the Labor party so they can stay in power. My prediction is it will go as well as it did for the Liberals. They should know better than to jump into bed with the greens- treacherous tarts.
The greens in the Federal parliament were all huddled together looking sad and rejected and confused when they were not needed by the government to pass Gonski- worried I would say about loss of power and once electricity is unaffordable and blackouts are constant -thanks to their utter stupidity about “saving the planet” their days are numbered. Looking for relevance they fall back on their “animal cruelty” line, despite the fact it did not work in NSW, they and the Labor party in the ACT are all slow learners.

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is this because of a couple of shonky tainers doing the wrong thing, NSW copped the same thing but are now racing again or is it because we have the do gooder pet liberation group or maybe a bit of both