Greyhound racing banned in ACT but participants vow to fight

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Greyhound racing at Canberra. PIC OCIC Photo Tours/Lance Fearne. GREYHOUND Racing will be illegal in the ACT from April 30, 2018, after legislation to enforce the ban was passed through state parliament on Tuesday. The Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, the only one in the state, is vowing to fight for the future of the industry…

I attended the rally and did a crowd count. I can confirm that the anti ban rally attracted a large crowd approximating the number mentioned in the above report. The supporters of the legislation were by comparison a much smaller group (the number were mentioned in one of the newspaper report. I normally interview people in the groups opposing greyhound racing but I did not do this on the day as I realised how threatening it is to be in a small group and be outflanked by hundreds of people marching for an opposite view.
The police I talked to were happy with the March and Rally. A newspaper reported that the crowds were mainly bussed in from Victoria and NSW. This report may have been based on a busload that actually were local pick ups. The attendance of Canberra locals against the ban was much larger than the Canberra locals supporting the legislation.
. If you look at the press photo’s of the rally and March then you can see most of the photo’s show Canberra locals from many walks of life featuring in the pictures.

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Absolutely disgusting that politicians will stoop to any means to keep hold of their power.
Is this ACT government that stupid that they can’t see that the public can see through this deal with the greens just to keep their taxpayer funded salaries. Shameful is not a strong enough word here.


In bed with the greens - it really doesn’t get any worse than that.