Chief Commissioner set to overhaul NSW greyhound industry

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ARG speaks with the NSW Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission’s Chief Commissioner about the future of greyhound racing. THE Chief Commissioner of the new NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission says new rules introduced for the sport will be ‘tough but fair’ and says participants will have to abide by them if they want to be…

Not much content revealed except for staffing levels. The mayor of Bathurst met with commissioner Brown then stated that apart from 60 full time staff their would be 34 part time staff.
Basically looks like a police force and a licencing fee collection agency.The part time staff may include race day vets.
Being a welfare and integrity commission, equal funding should be allocated to vetinary care and policing.
Clare Petre, who excels in middle management training, should run an organised and efficient office.
Dr John Keniry, with vast experience in livestock breeding and husbandry, should be the level head providing checks and balances on new welfare related policies.
Development of vetinary services initiated and provided by the commission will be the biggest challenge.
Keeping financial burdens to hobby owners and trainers at a minimum will be another headache.

Let’s just hope it’s not “second verse, same as the first”.
Also hope that he’s got the guts to pick up the sentiments re draconian breeding controls

I agree Trevor the hobbyists are the backbone of greyhound racing and need special treatment.
I’m sure with their six figure salaries the 60 newbies will put up a good fight to save their jobs.
Lets hope they understand we’re all on the same side. The real enemy are the greens, maybe that’s why this oligarchy is being created!
It will be worth the price, i’m hopeful.