Animal rights groups say NSW Government should not fund dogs

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Animal advocate groups have come down hard on the NSW government for its decision to reform the greyhound racing industry using taxpayers’ money. The Berejiklian government has come under fire from animal advocate groups over its decision to use $41 million of taxpayers’ money to reform the greyhound racing industry. The hefty sum will be…

These Animal Advocate Group forget that the money we earn for the Government goes into Hospitals,Roads and many infrastructure projects like Grand Stands at Randwick Gallops plus the Re Building of Parramatta Stadium that’s where the $135million we earn for this Mob. Well, we all know how we should vote in 2019.


Spot on Bob. To start with the government doesn’t fund the dogs. The dogs fund themselves plus part of the other two codes. In essence i agree with them, the government should bugger off and let us fund ourselves with OUR money.
These people just keep on embarrassing themselves with their dribble.